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Looking after your dog at the Mill – Our Dog Policy

Dog in the meadow
Bod the dog, enjoying a run in the meadow

We are able to accommodate up to 2 well behaved dogs in our Wheelhouse apartment by prior agreement.  We do make a charge of £25 per dog per stay. If you would like to holiday with your dog(s) please drop us a message or call us on 01239 698799.

The Valley is a wonderful place for your dog to enjoy a holiday with you, with woods and meadows to run in and rivers to splash through.  There are just a few things we ask to make sure you and your dog enjoy your stay:

  • Please make sure that you know what your dog is doing and where it is!  Never leave your dog alone, especially in the Mill. 
  • Please make sure that your dog does not get out into the gardens unattended and that it never goes out onto the road unless it is on a lead.
  • The flooring in Wheelhouse has been designed with dogs in mind.  Please don’t let your dog into the bedrooms or get onto the sofas, no matter how cosy they are!
  • Even the best behaved dogs can make mistakes in an unfamiliar environment, you are responsible for any damage or nuisance caused by your dog.
    • Please clean up after your dog, every time, even in the woods and meadow.
    • You will need to dust and vacuum thoroughly before you leave to make sure that there are no animal hairs hiding anywhere.
    • There is an outside tap available for dog washing.  Let us know if you would like a hose.

We are sure that you would never bring a dog to the Mill that would be a problem but, if your dog causes a nuisance to us or other people, you will have to make other arrangements very quickly.

Clwb Kennels – the best boarding kennel in Pembrokeshire, is just a few minutes walk up the road, run by one of the nicest couples you could meet.  Mrs Askew is on 01239 698 650.  They do accept dogs for the day and also will let you take your dog out for the day if you are boarding them overnight.